Sports are a great way to get healthy and to have healthy competition with friends and family. However, we can’t deny that there will always be risks and complications that come with it especially when sports is taken too seriously since it is a very strenuous activity. Risk is an integral element of sports and it wouldn’t be called sport without it. The trick is to know risk management options and to know how you can prevent injuries from happening. This is especially important now since the number of kids and adults that are going into sports has increased over the years.

The athletes nowadays has become stronger and stronger and they tend to push themselves harder and harder and everyday. And what comes with more time spent in the filed practicing and playing is the greater risk of sports-related injuries.



However, there is some prevention that we can provide in order to decrease the number of sports-related injuries. This can enable the athlete to enjoy his time in the field rather than staying on the sidelines and also not to worry all the time about getting hurt and injured while in it.


Talk to your athlete

Before your athlete hits the field, it is important that they understand and know that they talk to someone if they ever feel discomfort and pain in any part of their body and not take it lightly. It is important that they get help as soon as possible as to not worsen the condition that could have been very well prevented with just the early intervention.

Stress the essence of warming up

Warming up and stretching is one thing that you should not be taken for granted in doing sports. It is one of the most important technique to prevent any injury from happening. It should be made as a hobby of athletes before dong sports. This will help their bodies get ready for the strenuous activities that they will be doing as not shock the body with the immediate exertion of effort.

Make sure that they get to rest well

It is important that they rest in between games and practices otherwise, their bodies will experience over fatigue and it can be hard to recover from it. If the athletes lacks sleep and is already over-fatigued then they are more pre-disposed to experience injuries. That is one of the problems of athletes nowadays – too much sports and lack of rest.

Hydrate, hydrate, and hydrate

For sports that require athletes playing under the hot and humid days, it is important that they get adequate hydration before, during and after the game or practice.

Proper equipment

Helmets, knee pads and the right shoes are important to avoid sports-related injuries.

Provide a well-balanced and healthy diet

It is important that athletes get a well-balanced diet of fruits, proteins, and vegetables in order for them to have the proper amount of energy that is needed in playing sports. Their eating habits can affect how their body moves and how they are able to exert effort.


If you can’t do all these things and still the push has come to shove, then you can always contact Redding Chiropractor for your therapy needs.

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It is important that your kids get to experience athletic activities not only inside the school premises but also outside as well. When you teach them the importance of bodily movements and the benefits it has on their bodies, they might sign up on athletic activities by their own. By the age of six or seven, you can allow them or help them sign up on team sports like volleyball or individual sports like gymnastics. The ages three and four can still be pretty early for sports so go a little on the children and let them play anything else an don’t sign them up for anything  strenuous yet.

The essential and most important thing to keep in mind is that they learn sport-specific skills and at the same time still have fun and to learn together with kids their age.




The Bleedin Bleedins suggests that you should consider the following things when picking the perfect sport for your children. If you are still having second thoughts on signing them for sports, these things will help you in making your decision. Ask yourself the following questions and think about what your children should be signing up for.


Is the sport right for my child?

This is one of the most important thing that you should always consider before signing up your kids to sports. To answer this question, your kid must be able to get a grasp on the sport by having a trial and error.

Let them try it out for a little while and then you can finally tell if it does or does not work out for them. The trick is to let them immerse on it and the result is, they will probably like it if they buddies on the team too.


Is my kid enjoying it?

You have to make sure that your kids are having fun while doing it. Learn to take into consideration the social and psychological aspect of the sport. If your children are having fun and they feel as if they belong and is perfect for the sport and then as parent, it is your job to support them and be there for them.


How well is the program?

Search for sports groups outside the school that welcome children or at the very least, beginners regardless of their skill set or age. You have to make sure that your kid is learning in the very best way and it all starts with the right program.

If you are looking for team sport, it’s necessary to check how they value teamwork and the way in which how each member of the team is taught to be team players.


Who is the coach going to be?

You have to know who their coach is going to be. Make sure that the coach embodies what you want your children to learn while doing sports. Is the coach emphasizes on developing skills and encourages teamwork among the children or does the coach emphasizes on developing athletes and encourages winning and competition? The only way you can know this is to ask the right questions.

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Some people consider sports as one of the most basic necessities in life and they can’t live without. Some people would even argue that we don’t need sports in our life and they are just a waste of time. We can’t help but wonder and ponder over the pros and cons of doing sports.  The cons are probably encapsulated by our lack of time and money, the exhaustion and competition that the sports give that is not really necessary in our lives and overall considering sports as a waste of money, effort and time. We provide some of the reasons below on why we really need to do sports.



Sports has been around for as long as we can remember. The Greeks even had Olympics back then as a celebration or a festival as to honor the Greek gods and goddesses. Therefore sports have become part of our culture and we can’t deny that. The following are some of the positive impacts and benefits that we can get from doing sports.


You need to learn new skills

You know what they say that ‘you will never know unless you try’, right? This can be perfectly related to sports. No matter what age you are, there is always for space for learning. If you give it a try and you learn that you know something that you never know you could do before can give you that natural high and give you the feeling of motivation and boost your self-esteem. It is important that we aspire to learn and be better.

You need motivation

It is important that once we get up in the morning, we have something to look forward to doing. Not only is it important for the mind but it is also important for the body. Looking forward to sports can give you the motivation that you need in your life that is not only short-lived but will always be there in the coming days.

You have to do something that you’re good at

We agree that sports is something that you can always get better at if you just keep on practicing. If you have the right energy, the patience and the state of mind to do it then you will always succeed in sports. You can try sports and just be static, there will be always be improvement that you will see and you can get better everyday.

You need to have fun

Any adult or chills that has done or is doing sport will always agree that sports is fun. Sports can be a great avenue for social interaction. It is always more fun if you get to have healthy competition once in a while with fun people. Although winning is not always the primary reason for starting the sport, but it is always good to get you excited and hyped up for a game. Knowing that you get to do something that you really enjoy and get merits from it are only some of the joys you can get from playing sports.

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